List of incubatees

Current Incubatees  :

  1. Infinity Solutions  (Earlier named as DXOctagon)  (Office at Campus)
  2. B-Matrix Engineering Solutions (Office at Campus)
  3. Future Money Wealth Management Services
  4. CROPS (Office at Campus)
  5. Geneques Incorporation (Office at Campus)
  6. Multifunctional Agro Gantry Machine Assembly (MAGMA), (Office at Campus)
  7. SWIFT, (Office at Campus)
  8. CERES, (Office at Campus)
  9. Mr Clean Sweeping, (Office at Campus)

Matured Incubatees :

  1. Build Skills
  2. YRO Systems P Ltd
  3. Startup Solutions
  4. Einstein Research Publications (Earlier named as Easy Way to Study)
  5. Facegates Tech Solutions
  6. Facemapp Soft P Ltd
  7. Swide Solutions P Ltd
  8. MAGTEC Consultancy Services Private Ltd
  9. Fervidus Software Services P Ltd
  10. Elbissop Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  11. Eye Open Technologies
  12. IIS Technologies

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