KCG Technology Business Incubator is an organization designed to help technology startups. We do this by finding out what you need to become a successful technology entrepreneur. We provide infrastructure for startups and connect you with mentors to help you along in the journey. We provide you access to lots of startup and technology events ad even help you with interns from KCG College when you need some help.

When you are a member of KCG TBI, you are in a peer group of other startup companies under the care of some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs.

Can a startup survive without being part of an incubator? Certainly. However, we found that incubated startups spend less time worrying about distractions in executing their business. When you are part of an incubator, you are not alone. You are in the company of other startups and small businesses. If you want, you can get help from mentors.

To get started is pretty easy. You can send us an email at Get More Information with your contact details and a one or two paragraphs of description about your business. We can set up a meeting and walk you through all the services we offer.

More information about KCG college can be viewed kcgcollege.ac.in

General information on TBI: http://www.nstedb.com/institutional/tbi.htm